Home Staging Tips

August 10, 2020

Staging Tips For Sellers

Proper staging isn’t everything, but it sure helps!

Parker-Rash & Associates has an amazing ability to attract people to your property.

Tips to help sell your property quickly and for more cash:

  • Repair windows.
  • Paint key rooms in neutral colors.
  • Polish door knobs.
  • Un-clutter your house, even if it means renting a storage locker for your  family treasures.  It really helps!
  • Be sure your house smells awesome. Keep the cat’s litter box clean and out of sight. Bake cinnamon rolls.
  • Place a nice vase of fresh flowers near the entryway.
  • Have your carpets cleaned.
  • Brighten up your house.  Increase the wattage in your lamps and fixtures. Aim for a total of 100 watts for each 50 square feet.
  • Make sure you have three types of lighting: ambient (general or overhead), task (pendant, under-cabinet or reading) and accent (table and wall).
  • Make rooms seem bigger.  Paint the walls the same color as your window treatment. It will give you a seamless and sophisticated look.
  • You can also create the illusion of space by painting adjacent rooms in the same color.